A downloadable binary dumpster for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a very minimal very rushed game submitted for the Lisp Game Jam (Spring 2018).

Use the arrow keys to move (or WASD).
Slow your movement by holding the Z or Y keys.
Don't let bullets touch the black dot in the middle of your player.
Do let bullets touch the ring around the dot to collect points and damage enemies.
Feel free to download the source and edit levels.lisp, I believe you can make better levels than I have. :)

Can you survive all 3 levels?

Install instructions

If you need to compile from source ensure you have both quicklisp and borodust's trivial-gamekit installed. You can find information for both and it should be farily painless. Ensure you unzip the code to your ~/quicklisp/local-projects/ folder


mds-x86-64-windows-v1.0.2.zip 20 MB
mds-x86-64-osx-v1.0.2.zip 17 MB
mds-x86-64-linux-v1.0.2.zip 18 MB
mds-1.0.2.zip 10 kB

Development log